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Shark's Cavern Corridor Scene - Team Room Entrance Door
Welcome to the Team Room
Meeting Every Tuesday at 9:00 pm Eastern
(Please obey
chat room rules.)

(AOL Members: Important! Please Read before chatting!)

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Team Room Chat Rules

And So They Said...

We really need a real set of chat rules...
...The Moderator Spake Thusly...
And The Rules Were Made, And They Were...

  • No impersonating, harrassing, or being rude to people...
  • Please do not use all caps when chatting...
  • Private messages should only be used when you absolutely have to...
  • No scrolling (causing the lines of the chat room to "scroll" up and off of the page)...
  • No using more than 5 question/exclamation marks after a single sentence...
  • No personal questions. This is a chat room, not a singles bar. (Some people don't mind talking about what they do, or where they work. Other folks really don't like those kinds of questions. It's usually a good idea just not to ask at all.)
  • No crying...
  • Finally: Breaking any of the rules is subject to One (1) warning before being kicked out of the room, but may be kicked immediately if necessary.
These Rules are Law: Don't Break Them.
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This page was last updated on October 11, 1998