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The Campaign to Save
Space Cases

Beware the Ides of March

A snapshot from the history books... The following page was created in an attempt to revive Space Cases the year that Nickelodeon "stopped production" of the show. The attempt fell upon deaf ears, unfortunately. But, I've kept it here, as a reminder that, although Space Cases didn't get a chance to complete the story, the fans didn't let it go quietly into that dark night.

Nickelodeon has decided to remove Space Cases from their schedule exactly one year [to the day] after stopping production of the show.

Sunday, March 15, 1998, was the final airing of Space Cases in the United States. Going out with the episode Both Sides Now.

Now, more than ever before, is the time to write in and support the show. Since Space Cases will no longer be shown on Nickelodeon, that means it's not making them any money either! Write to Nick, suggest that they talk to the Sci-Fi Channel! Write to the Sci-Fi Channel, and let them know that, after all this time, you're still interested in the show!

"C'mon people! Move like you've got a purpose!"

Write in your support TODAY!

The Campaign to save Space Cases is on! We're trying to get the show onto the Sci-Fi Channel, as well as a possible book deal. If you'd like to help us save the show, then this is the page to find out how!

First and foremost: Write to Nickelodeon. Ask them to respond to the Sci-Fi Channel's request to place Space Cases in their lineup. [Sci-Fi Channel has made the request, but Nickelodeon has yet to respond to them]

Second: Drop a letter to the Sci-Fi Channel. Let them know that you're very pleased that they're interested in Space Cases, and thank them for their patience as we wait on a response from Nickelodeon.

Third: Let Lisa Clancy know that you're just as interested in Space Cases now as you've ever been, and that you continue to look forward to seeing Space Cases books!

Writing is the single, best thing you can do for the show. Hand-written letters carry the most weight, but however you send them is just fine! Just remember to keep your letters polite! Sending angry or mean letters to Nickelodeon may hurt our campaign, and we don't want that!

Sending e-mail is less effective. Most companies see hand-written letters as a more personal response, and generally take it more seriously. If you're not a big letter-writer, then I suggest writing a letter to Nickelodeon, and sending e-mail to the Sci-Fi Channel and Lisa Clancy. Nickelodeon is our primary concern! They need to know that we fans are still here, and that we still want Space Cases!

Just recently, because of the efforts, letters, e-mails, and AOL message board posts, NICK ONLINE on AOL has listened and has re-opened the Space Cases message board on AOL!

Nickelodeon is reading your letters! So, here's an incentive to KEEP WRITING - we have proof that your efforts are getting through to them. Here are their mailing addresses, with their respective e-mail address listed directly below. Write in your support! Every letter counts!

Mr. Ian Valentine
Movie Development
The SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Mr. Herb Scannell
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Herb Scannell

Ms. Lisa Clancy
Archway/Minstrel Books
Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Campaigns of this nature take a great deal of time and patience. Nickelodeon is hoping that the problem will simply just go away. It's up to us - the fans - to prove to them that they are wrong. Write in your support today!

Various information reposted with permission from ZaBaGaBe!