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Most Recent Week Statistics: Week 36 on June 11, 2000.
As of Week 36: 61 Game Wins + 23 Series Wins = 145 Total Points | Position: 1
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Bowls: Left & Right Years Bowling: Fifteen+
Position: Three Season Average: 171

Individual Awards:
-7/10 Split Pickup
-Perfect 300
-700 Series (Two)

Team Awards:
-Championship (Las Vegas Bound League, Fall 1998-1999) [Alley Cats]
-Third Place (Sundowners League, Summer 1995) [Alley Cats]
-Multiple Championships in the mid-1980s. [Alley Cats]

Last season Ken Talley, Jr. bowled the entire league as a right-handed bowler. However, due to repeated injuries suffered during the last couple of years, he's seriously considering permanently retiring his right-hand's bowling future. In the meantime, he's bowling the 1999-2000 season as a left-handed bowler.

t-handed bowler.