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Most Recent Week Statistics: Week 36 on June 11, 2000.
As of Week 36: 61 Game Wins + 23 Series Wins = 145 Total Points | Position: 1
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Bowls: Right Years Bowling: Three
Position: Two Season Average: 124

Individual Awards: None

Team Awards:
-Championship (Las Vegas Bound League, Fall 1998-1999) [Alley Cats]
rd Place (Sundowners League, Summer 1995) [Alley Cats]

The only female bowler on the team, Antonia Talley has been improving her style and accuracy over the last couple of years. As a result, her average may be in the 120s, but she's bowled well over 170 on more than one occasion. On those days, she's truly our Ace In The Hole.

our Ace In The Hole.