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Week 7
October 19, 1997
Current Team Position: #2 (out of 24)
  • Ken Jr. requested that he be allowed to bowl left-handed until such time as his right arm and hand heal well enough for him to resume bowling with his right hand. A vote was taken and approved by team captains.

  • Today, bowling on lanes 3 & 4, the floor and approach on lane 3 was dangerously slick. We requested numerous times that the floor and approach be cleaned, but they only cleaned the approach and floor twice. This was insufficient, and was cause for poor bowling. Coupled with Ken Jr.'s lack of an average, the bowling team suffered it's first sweeping loss in the league for the '97-'98 season.

Player Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Total Day Average
Robert Rhodes116169153438146
Antonia Talley122165113400133
Ken Talley, Sr.158179178515172
Ken Talley, Jr. LF181177139497166

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