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Week 32
May 3, 1998
Current Team Position: #4 (out of 24)

  • Josie Eppler was absent without reason for the second week in a row. If she fails to show or call up, we'll ask her to be replaced by the original Alley Cat member Antonia Talley - who is now able to bowl after giving birth on April 30, 1998 to Robert Wayne Talley [7 lbs., 2 oz.]. Ken Jr. was absent today, spending the weekend with his new son.
  • Our opponents bowled a fair first game, but became worried when Ken Sr. and Robert Rhodes came within 19 pins of winning the game.  We lost the second game when our opponents bowled 150 pins over their average, easily beating us for Series Total for the day. The opponents then gave up during the third game, in an attempt to salvage their book averages, as is the normal way of things for teams used to sandbagging their way to the top.
Player Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Total Day Average
Robert Rhodes 183 167 170 520 173
Josie Eppler 111 111 111 333 111
Ken Talley, Jr.
158 158 158 474 158
Ken Talley, Sr. 191 193 176 560 187
Win/Lost L L W L  

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