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Week 28
March 29, 1998
Current Team Position: #3 (out of 24)
  • Due to an impressive scoring drive above and beyond their averages, we lost to our opponents by 100 pins per game. It's good to know that the sport of sandbagging during the end of the season is still a highly practiced skill among less-than-honorable bowlers such as our opponents.
    Furthermore, our opponents had two absent bowlers, and invited a substitute bowler as a replacement. The sub bowler had a book average of 212. The sub bowler never reached that low a game against us, however, and proceeded to beat us to death with scores of 240 and higher per game. The Alley Cats never had a chance.

Player Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Total Day Average
Robert Rhodes 175 169 213 557 186
Josie Eppler 165 114 130 409 136
Ken Talley, Jr.
127 190 133 450 150
Ken Talley, Sr. 189 155 164 508 169
Win/Lost L L L L  

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