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Week 22
February 15, 1998
Current Team Position: #5 (out of 24)
  • The Alley Cats bowled their highest game of the season during the first game, and did have a couple of bowlers bowl over their average, but we lost to our opponent (most notably their second bowler) due to an impressive scoring drive that was not only highly above his average, in both the first and second games, but was over by 150 pins above his average.  In the third game, our opponent quit bowling after the 4th frame because they knew that in order for them to win, they would have to bowl their "real" averages for 3 games, and in order to sandbag for the sweeper, they would have to lose one game, in other words, sacrifice a loss for the benefit of the team.  Not that we are calling them sandbaggers, but the thought had crossed our minds.

  • Josie Eppler arrived during the 4th frame of the first game, and therefore was entered as "absent" for that game.

PlayerGame 1Game 2Game 3Series TotalDay Average
Robert Rhodes200176180556185
Josie Eppler115 (abs)96100311104
Ken Talley, Jr.
Ken Talley, Sr.214191207612204

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