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Week 16
December 20, 1997
Current Team Position: 7 (out of 24)
  • We prebowled our games due to Robert's Family Christmas being scheduled for the 21st.

  • Today, bowling on lanes 11 & 12, open bowlers of a very young age bowled on lane 10. Robert requested that the Alley Cats be moved to lanes 1 & 2, but was turned down by the bowling alley associates. The bowlers on lane 10 showed no lane courtesy, and walked on lane 11, sometimes in front of Alley Cats' members. The Alley Cats will file a formal complaint with the bowling alley concerning such foul treatment of league members.

PlayerGame 1Game 2Game 3Series TotalDay Average
Robert Rhodes226138136500167
Blind - Female120120120360120
Ken Talley, Jr.
Ken Talley, Sr.220245193658219
Win/LostAlthough a data sheet wasn't provided due to our prebowling, we did win five (5) points. (Two games and a Total)

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